Friday 14th July 2006

Updates in Javea

Hi XabiaMar owners,

I have created this web log as a centre point for Javea property owners and other people living, working or moving to Javea, to use as a discussion area and to keep everyone updated on news on the Xabiamar complex. Please feel free to add comments and news items on any subject. I have visited, lived and worked in Javea with my wife Dawn, for over 20 years. Please ask us any questions that you have and we will endeavour to answer them.

Best Regards,

Steve & Dawn Nott

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Wednesday 2nd August 2006

Pool is Functional

Javea, from 26th July, 2006 the pool is now up and running, also electricity in every stairwell ensures no more power cuts. Snagging list is personally attended to by the developer, Rafael Sendra.

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Monday 28th August 2006

CAM Bank Mortgage

Hi Mr. & Mrs. Nott,

We are arranging the sales of the apartments in Xabiamar (Javea). As you know, we have started to arrange the mortgages for all the clients who want to take our mortgages.

CAM knows that the apartments do not yet have the CEDULA DE HABITABILIDAD, the special permission from the town hall. The reason for not having this permission is because the town hall is taking time, because we are in August and because the builder must change some things in the building (like entrances, plots, but nothing relating to the apartments themselves). This is a very usual process in all the new houses / apartments in Javea.

CAM has financed the building of these apartments and we have also controlled the process of the building. We have controlled the quality of the building, the 10 year insurance, which guarantees the quality of building process. We do not have any problem in going ahead with signing the different mortgages for all the clients. If there was a problem, WE WOULD NEVER SIGN THE MORTGAGES.

I would like also to inform you about the actual mortgages and the advantages in cost for all the clients who take our mortgage.

The conditions of the mortgage in CAM are :

Bank commission : 0,50% of the amount to borrow.
Interest rate : EURIBOR+ 0,9% (actually is currently around 4,50%)
Period of time : 20 years (it is possible to change the period)
About the fees and charges of the operation, I am going to compare between our mortgage and other banks:



FEES OTHER MORTGAGES other banks (150,000 EUROS):

NOTARY, LAND REGISTRY AND TAXES FOR THE MORTGAGE : 4,928 EUROS PURCHASE TAXES: 1,500 EUROS (1%) VALUATION (depending the cost of each bank) CANCEL THE ACTUAL MORTGAGE : 1,000 EUROS (NOTARY, LAND REGISTRY) Also, it is necesary to include the bank opening comission of each bank.

Here you can check the advantages in taking over the actual constructor’s mortgage with CAM, compared to changing to a different bank.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need more information.

Kind regards,

Joan Roselló Bas Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo Dtor Oficina Internacional Xàbia II Tel.965794414- Fax 966462956

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Friday 22nd September 2006

All Going Well

We have owned our apartment since 1st August, 2006. Our tenant has had no problems with any of the services provided by the developers.

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Sunday 8th October 2006

Cedula de habitabilidad

Sadly, no news on the town hall issuing the cedula to the developer or owners of Xabiamar complex. We could wait months or even years. I have spoken with a Spanish lady who has lived in an apartment in Teulada for seven years without a cedula. Do you want to wait that long, before you enjoy your property??? I haven’t and I believe the following phrase should help you to decide… ‘But time waits for no man….’

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Sunday 8th October 2006

Why not sell?

I trust you are well. Who told you you cannot sell the property, as there is no Cedula? If you complete and a purchaser is found, the solicitors retain an agreed amount, until the cedula is issued, which is not if, but when. This is the way the Spanish purchase all the time.
Regards, Steve

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Wednesday 25th October 2006

Nearly There

Hi owners of Parques Casas Blanca, Benissa. I have spoken with Sabine today and she has informed me that the units, numbers 78 and 79 will be ready, cleaned and tidy by the first week in November. We can then start fitting the furniture and lighting etc. The electricity and sewage company cannot guarantee that the services will be in use, until January or February, 2007. We will not be able to live in them until then. the pool is bieng tiled this week and everything is looking good. Please contact:

Sabine Olbrich Eurocenter Inmobiliario S.L.

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