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Friday 9th June 2023

New law requiring registration of all real estate agents


We are pleased to confirm our compliance with a new law (Decree 98/2022), which includes a number of obligations affecting all individuals or legal entities who are dedicated to providing advice and intermediation in real estate operations within the Comunidad Valenciana.

From the 16 October 2023, all agents must be registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of the Valencia Community (el Registro de Agentes de Intermediación Inmobiliaria de la Comunidad Valenciana), and they must fulfill a number of requirements in order to register, including the following.

1)  Agents must be the holders of a surety insurance (seguro de caución) and professional civil responsibility insurance.

2)  Provide proof of accreditation, to demonstrate agents are qualified to perform the real estate activity.


(In the name of Dawn Patricia Nott on behalf of Javea Casas) 




MEMBER OF A.N.P.I.F.F.  Asociación Nacional de Profesionales Inmobiliarios Financieros y Fiscales:  Reg. Nº  1.964 


Company:  AXA:  Civil responsibility insurance, policy number 85114094.

Company:  INTERCAUCIÓN AGENCIA DE SUSCRIPCIÓN S.L.:  Surety insurance. Certificado de seguro de caución número 62736804.

ACCREDITATION:  Dawn Patricia Nott is the holder of the following qualification:



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Friday 12th May 2023

10 reasons to buy property in Spain

1.  In times of political and economic instability (war, stock market crash, global pandemic, bank runs, high inflation, etc.), gold and real estate are king as traditionally they act as safe havens where savers shelter their money to weather the storm.

2. Staves off inflation. At a time when central banks have (irresponsibly) printed money to no end, vastly increasing the monetary mass which in turn has led to inflation spiralling out of control worldwide, real estate offers by contrast a placid solace to deposit your life savings. Savings sitting idly at a bank are devoured by rising inflation, losing value every year.

3. Tangible asset. Real estate is a tangible asset that you can touch, feel, and see any time of the day. This acts in sharp contrast to ethereal investments, such as crypto currencies and other intangible assets, which are really never under your control, hard to understand, and even harder to monitor.

4. Security. The laws in Spain offer property owners a solid legal framework which protects and upholds their rights as behoves a modern European democracy. In several regions of Spain (i.e. Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia, etc.) inheritance tax and wealth tax have been suppressed. These regions have also slashed property transfer tax and stamp duty on buying property.

5. Capital growth. It’s no secret that real estate always appreciates in the long run. Unlike other volatile investments (such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) which undergo huge fluctuations, real estate offers a constant and gradual increase of value over time. Property prices in Spain have risen by 16% over the last five years (and even by two digits year-on-year in some sought-after areas, such as large cities (i.e. Madrid, over 40%) and coastal areas (i.e. Marbella, 40%). You really don’t need to invest in Bitcoin to strike it rich, just stick to the basics.

6. Generates passive income. Rental yields in Spain have soared by two digits over the span of three years. Spain is the world’s second tourist destination creating a huge pentup demand for holiday accommodation. Investing in property, and collecting the rent, is indeed a (very) profitable business in Spain. For long-term rentals, you can expect a net yield of 5% a year; for holiday accommodations it’s over 10%. They don’t call them ‘landed’ gentry for nothing!

7. Equity leverage. Investing in real estate allows you to leverage your equity over time. In plain English, this means that if you finance a property with an investment loan, the amount of money you borrow will eventually be less than the value of the property once it appreciates over time. After some years, you can refinance and use some of the additional equity to invest further in other properties. This strategy is ideal for investors who want to play it safe and adopt a long-term investment strategy, building up a healthy property portfolio over time.

8. Source of cash flow. Rented properties generate a constant revenue stream for their owners. Landlords may use the collected rent to pay overheads and other property maintenance expenses - including monthly mortgage repayments! In a nutshell, a wellchosen property pays for itself!

9. Generous tax deductions. Unbeknownst to most people, Spain offers lenient tax allowances which in effect reduce a landlord’s tax bill by 70%, or more (applies only to EU residents). You can offset all property maintenance expenses, including your lawyer’s fees (to calculate the rental tax) and mortgage interests! Once deducted, property offers great returns on investment.

10. Strong dollar vs. weak euro. This advantage is unique to those investors holding US Dollars. Due to the lack-lustre and reactive performance of the ECB, the US Dollar has strongly appreciated against the Euro over the last months creating unique buying opportunities. In plain English, never before has Spanish property been cheaper and more appealing to savvy US Dollars holders. Not to mention that buying property opens the door to a coveted Golden Visa, which allows unfettered access to the Schengen Area (27 countries). When you combine soaring rental yields and capital growth, you reach the conclusion that Spanish real estate is delivering a safe two-digit return year on year.

(As published 10.5.23 on "Idealista” under the "news” section).

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Wednesday 28th September 2022

Between the last half of 2021 and the first half of 2022, property on the Spanish coast has experienced a period of recovery, with active demand and prices which have generally exceeded 2019 levels.

TINSA property report 29 July 2022.

The coastal market has been reactivated after the 2020 brake imposed by mobility problems and the Covid health alert. This is one of the conclusions of the report 'Housing on the Coast 2022' published by the real estate valuation and data group Tinsa.


The coastal areas which have exceeded the national average for prices, sales and visas are located in Ibiza and Alicante (between Denia and Benissa).


86% of coastal municipalities registered annual price growth in the first quarter of 2022. Overall, the average value of housing on the coast (first and second residence) increased by 4.2%.


Please click on the following link to view the TINSA website and to see the full report. "Google Translate” is available if you wish to see the reports in an alternative language.



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Thursday 24th June 2021

Year-on-year price increases reported for the first 5 months of 2021, for average prices of finished homes (new and used) on the Mediterranean Coast.

TINSA Spain research reports have shown the average price of finished homes (new and used) registered increases year-on-year, as reported by the TINSA research team.  The following increases were shown for the Mediterranean Coastal region, which stands out with some of the highest increases in the average price in the inter-annual rate.

May 2021 + 3.2%

April 2021 + 5.1%

March 2021 + 0.1%

February 2021 + 2.3%

January 2021 + 0.1%

Please click on the following link to view the TINSA website. "Google Translate” is available if you wish to see the reports in an alternative language.


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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Property prices in the Alicante coastal region rose by 2.7% in 2019, as reported by the leading Spanish property valuation company Tinsa.

The leading Spanish property valuation company Tinsa has published their analysis of the property market for the Alicante coastal region of the "Comunidad Valenciana”, reporting an on-going recovery of prices, with an increase of 2.7 % during 2019.

This is an overall increase of 14.4 % since the lowest prices were recorded after the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008.

The current prices remain 37.8 % lower than when they were at an all-time high before the market crashed.  Prices are still relatively low, however they are slowly rising, which creates an opportunity for an excellent financial investment during 2020.

Please click on the link below to see the official Tinsa report, showing the table of figures and full details.  Scroll down to the section headed "Tinsa IMIE Mercados Locales” (page 10) to see details for the Alicante coastal region.



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Sunday 27th January 2019

The leading Spanish property valuation company Tinsa has reported a 6.7 % rise in prices in Mediterranean coastal properties in the last year (December 2018).

The leading Spanish property valuation company Tinsa has published their most recent data concerning property prices, reporting that the on-going recovery of prices across the country continues in all areas and categories.

The year on year increase reported in December 2018 was shown as 6.5 per cent across the country and 6.7 per cent in Mediterranean coastal areas. 

Year on year variation in property prices in the last four years:

2015:  + 2.9 %

2016:  - 1.3 %

2017:  + 5.7 %

2018:  + 6.7 %  

Please click on the link below to see the official Tinsa report showing the table of figures and the full details.




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Sunday 22nd July 2018

TINSA property valuation report released 17.7.18: Prices on the Mediterranean coast have risen by 7.4% over the last year.

The leading Spanish valuation company Tinsa has published their latest report on Tuesday 17 July 2018, relating to residential property values. The average price of housing in Spain increased by 6.4% year-on-year in the month of June 2018, driven by the "capitals and large cities" and by the "Mediterranean coast", which show an increase of 10.2% and 7.4% respectively.

While the latest average price is still calculated to be 35.7% lower than the peak reached during the boom in 2007, it now 12% higher than when the market bottomed out in February 2015.

After the first 6 months of 2018, Tinsa describe the increase in property values as "dynamic”.

Here is a link to the Tinsa report.  You can download the report by clicking on "descargar informe" or scroll down the page on the link below, to see the figures for the Mediterranean coast under the section "Variación interanual en los últimos 12 meses" (interannual variation for the last 12 months):



Tinsa IMIE junio 2018: + 6,4%. 17 julio, 2018

Las capitales y grandes ciudades toman impulso y se encarecen más de un 10% en tasa interanual en junio 2018.

El precio medio de la vivienda terminada en España se incrementó un 6,4% interanual en el mes de junio, impulsado por las "Capitales y grandes ciudades” y por la "Costa mediterránea”, que se revalorizaron un 10,2% y un 7,4%, respectivamente.  

Descargar informe:


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Tuesday 10th February 2015

Significant increase in housing construction in Javea in 2014

There was an increase in housing construction in the town of Javea, following an upward trend since 2011, as confirmed below by the Deputy Mayor of Javea, Oscar Antón, on the 31st January 2015.


The increase occurs significantly in 2014 to double the number of houses and the budget for the execution of requests for licences for major works. More importantly, nearly all the homes entail major urbanization of the plots with garden, terraces, barbecue and pool. The construction of these houses has not led to the creation of new roads but made use of existing plots, some fully urbanized and others which have the obligation to complete the development works that are presently missing to achieve the required conditions.
All other licences granted, which are reflected in the boost in the 2014 figures relate to additions and alterations to existing houses, usually due to the sale of such housing.
This increase in applications will cause an increase in construction and thus the economy, since construction is one of the major economic engines of our population and also will increase other economies such as maintenance, restoration, etc.

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Monday 27th August 2007

Javea Property

Read this before you purchase a property in Javea.

Javea Property Blog

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Sunday 1st April 2007

Penthouse Apartment

A truly unique penthouse property, situated close to the Arenal area of javea. 360 degree views from the property and its generous terraces.

The main property consisits of a large hallway, leading to large lounge, with feature flooring and doors onto the terrace.

Three bedrooms, master ensuite, large kitchen area with breakfast room, leading to another huge terrace area.

Private internal staircase leads to a one bedroom apartment, lounge kichenette, shower room, leading to a massive terrace, bbq area, with views to El Montgo, the Arenal and southern views.

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Friday 26th January 2007

Who do you trust?

We offer a free service to find that bargain villa or apartment in this wonderful area called the Costa Blanca. Many of my clients become good friends, this is achieved through our good, open relationship in searching together, for the best properties available. Javea property is very much in demand. From 1987, our instinct to purchase here was very strong and it has proved to be a wise choice.

Prices have soared to levels that are difficult to reach, unless you have a deep pocket. The humble apartments, built in the seventies at a price of between 5.000 and 10.000 pounds are now seeing offers of 190.000 euros or 130.000 pounds. Villas built in the eighties with a price tag of 50.000 pounds are now selling for 350.000 euros or 240.000 pounds. A 3 bedroom apartment off plan in Javea will set you back 235.000 euros or 165.000 pounds. New villas are fetching prices of 500.000 – the skies the limit. If you are looking to purchase an apartment or a villa in Javea, Moraira or Denia, please contact us.

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Thursday 25th January 2007

Javea Spain, Property, Villas

Javea, located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca. The area is also called the Marina Alta. It is a hidden jewel, as described by the many new visitors that discover Javea for the first time. Its clean beaches, charming narrow streets in the old town and the bars and restaurants in the port and arenal area, all add to the attraction of javea. Property prices are a lot less than in the Costa del Sol. Check our data base for the lastest up to date properties in the Javea, Moraira and Denia areas.

Javea Villa

Unique villa situated in Javea, a casa del campo. 2 bedrooms, 1 shower room, mains water, 1600m2 plot. Close to Javea golf course.

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Wednesday 29th November 2006

Javea Apartment

Javea is becoming the most desirable place to live in the Costa Blanca. People from the UK and Ireland are finding good value investment apartments in Javea. Why Javea? Its location is on the most easterly point of mainland Spain. It is called The Dawn of Spain, Amanecer in Spanish. The first rays of the sun, bathe Javea Cabo de la Nao and the Cape de San Antonio.

There is a new era of interest, that will see prices soar in the next few years. Promoters and developers are realising the full potential of the property market in Javea and prices are set to climb between 10% – 20% per annum. New complexes are selling 3 and 4 bedroom penthouses from 320.000 euros, plus i.v.a. or v.a.t. The Arenal in Javea is beginning to see the infrastructure of new roads. Street lightings and under ground cables for electricity and mains services are being install to make the way clear for easy access. New luxury apartments are going to be constructed here, priced from 595.000 euros for a 2 bedroom apartment and up to 950.000 euros for a 3 bedroom duplex, that’s expensive, is what people are saying. Nevertheless, the apartments in Javea are selling. The developers are aware of the trend of the purchasers needs in Javea and they are, Location, Quality and Price, in that order.

I remember back to 1995, talking with a Javea estate agent. He was telling me that the Javea town hall was taking building applications for over 2000 apartments in the next 5 years. Where will the buyers come from, he asked? Where is all money going to come from? Where will we all park? Apart from the last question, they have arrived, purchased, sold, reformed and resold. That was over 10 years ago, what has changed? The weather? No. The location? No. The prices? A big YES!

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Thursday 16th November 2006

Javea Villa

Tosalet in Javea was, as the story was told to me , a pine covered hillside, purchased by Franco’s mistress. She started building a villa there in the sixties and oddly enough, had no problems seeking planning permissions from the local town hall.

Javea Villa

Large villas and generous plots are one of the main attractions of Tosalet. Views to the bay of Javea and pine covered hills make this area one of the best in Javea. The residential complex has its own garden rubbish collection every two days, security guards patrol the streets every few hours and there are security cameras.

Obviously, where there is money it will attract crime, but the local police, the guardia and people setting up neighbourhood watch schemes, minimise the risks.

Toscal is another popular area in Javea, its proximity to the Arenal beach and local shops and restaurants make it an ideal location to live all year round and it is excellent to rent a villa here during the holiday periods and throughout the winter, make sure that the property has heating as the winter nights in Javea do get cold, sometimes down to 6 degrees. During the day, we can enjoy warm sunshine and sit outside on Christmas day in 16 degrees, very pleasant. If you enjoy life you will enjoy Javea.

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Tuesday 14th November 2006

Javea Property, Balcon Al Mar

Balcon Al Mar is a district of Javea in Northern Costa Blanca. Many of the properties have sea views and close by is Cabo La Nao. This is the most easterly point of mainland Spain.

Javea property has always been more desirable to purchase than in other parts of Spain.

Balcon Al Mar

One of the reasons is the scenery. If you fly into Alicante airport the land scape is similar to that of a desert, dry and dusty and the cement and stone works add to the problem. But drive just 45 minutes north and the landscape changes, after an hours drive on th A7 take the turning off to Javea and you will be meet with green pine hills and valleys full with vines and almond trees.

Lemon and orange trees add sweet blossom scent to the clear air. El Montgo dominates the skyline north of Javea. Villas on the slopes of Montgo are surrounded by pine trees and palms. Driving south to Tosalet and up the hill to Costa Nova the views towards java’s bay are breath taking.

Balcon al Mar is an area very much in demand, because it has many villas with sea views. The little cove of Granadella is just a 5 minute drive to the south, still in Javea. It has small fishermans houses as you reach the cove and the clear water in the bay is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you feel like a holiday, Javea is ideal for families and teenagers. Finding a villa to rent close to the Arenal beach is difficult and you will need a car to drive to the Arenal or the port areas. The best location for night life is the Arenal. An apartment within walking distance allows you to leave the car and walk to the restaurants and bars. Once you have been to Javea, you will want to return, many people purchase holiday homes and spend the winter months away from the cold northern European climate. Others leave the grey, dull and depressing UK behind for good and join many expats living the good life.

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Monday 17th July 2006

Questions & Answers

If you are considering moving to Javea, write your comments here and we will endeavour to answer them.

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