Pool is Functional

Javea, from 26th July, 2006 the pool is now up and running, also electricity in every stairwell ensures no more power cuts. Snagging list is personally attended to by the developer, Rafael Sendra.

Posted by: Steve Nott on Wednesday 2nd August 2006



Rob Townsend said:

<p>Congratulations on signing up Steve, thanks for the pictures. As you know I signed up some time ago now but for what its worth to other readers my solicitor had no fears in suggesting signing up prior to the cedula, so I just did it. Have not regretted that at all.</p> <p>I just cant get time to go and Jump in the pool yet !</p>

Posted on Saturday 5th August at 15:37:00

Stephen Nott said:

<p>Thanks Rob. We are pleased to have completed and likewise, no problems to sign by all parties involved, including the bank and solicitors. The good thing also, is that Rafael Sendra has not shown to be the awkward developer. We spoke to him in Spanish and he and his wife were pleasant, he fix a minor problem with one of the sliding doors within a day, the gardens are being well kept and watered, everything is ready to start living there. The Javea town hall are the ones that are being awkward!!</p>

Posted on Saturday 5th August at 15:38:00

Brian Clark-Sutton said:

<p>Hi all. I hope my comments are not to be &#8216;moderated&#8217; as I do not have the same faith in Mr Sedra as some of my colleagues. Have you all read the letter &#8216;He&#8217; sent to one of the lawyers about what he was &#8216;not&#8217; going to do; and what He considered was not his responsibility. Might be worth reading again. He stated he was not going to replace the garage door with one which would allow entrance to all standard vehicles; has he relented and done so ? If the cedular is not available we don&#8217;t get full entitlement of electricity from Iberdrola direct. Twenty eight 2xkilowat air conditioning units; 28 electric hobs; 28 2xkilowat electric ovens; to say nothing of the kettles and irons&#8230;. on &#8216;uninterupted&#8217; builders supply ?&#8230;I don&#8217;t think so. Those who are signing without the cedular are weakening the case for the others. This is my opinion. Brian C-S</p>

Posted on Saturday 5th August at 15:39:00

Stephen Nott said:

<p>Hi Brian, I have been in the Javea Mar garage with my 4&#215;4 Jeep Cherokee. The garage has a security electric gate on the road. My vehicle is large but I was able to drive from the road entrance to my parking bay number 14, right at the other end of the building. The electricity supplied by the developers is running, I will find out the max wattage and amps it will take. The new Marina villas office is running with 5 to 6 motors for their air con and each stairwell has individual supplies. Rafael Sendra is a man that is, in my opinion, trying hard to get the town hall of Javea to agree on their original building licence, he will dig his heels in to any actions that are against him. The penthouse terraces do have drainage, there is no need for two garage doors, the pool is working, etc, etc. We have signed for personal reasons and hope that it will not effect those owners that choose to wait.</p>

Posted on Saturday 5th August at 15:39:00

Colin Douch said:

<p>We are not yet pursuaded to complete for the following reasons: -</p> <ul> <li>The C of H has not been obtained.</li> <li>The C of H demonstates that building works have been carried out in accordance with the building licence.</li> <li>Completing now could encourage Sendra to pursue the C of H less urgently.</li> <li>If Sendra&#8217;s company was to be wound up, responsibility for the C of H would move to the owners.</li> <li>Utilities can only be supplied by Sendra for a limited period of time without the C of H.</li> <li>An equal sharing of unmetered utility costs disadvantages owners who occupy the apartment infrequently.</li> <li>Utility costs would be at Sendra&#8217;s whim so are uncertain.</li> <li>A reliable supply of utilities and a constant water pressure are in doubt.</li> <li>We are not pleased with Sendra&#8217;s alterations to the building, which have been made in a cavalier manner.</li> <li>Marina Villas appear to have disassociated themselves from Sendra.</li> <li>Our legal advice is not to complete.</li> <li>No one has asked us to complete.</li> </ul>

Posted on Sunday 6th August at 15:40:00

Kevin McGlynn said:

<p>Hi if we do not have the C of H will the banks still ok our mortgage..also will the building insurance be valid ,I want to complete but no one has been in touch offically l will wait for everything to be in place befor signing..posted by kevin mcglynn 06.07.08</p>

Posted on Tuesday 8th August at 15:41:00

Stephen Nott said:

<p>Hi Kevin, If you talk to Cam bank and Manolo, your gestor, they both agree that there is not a problem with the completion and the cedula being obtained. I completed last week. There are many owners that have been told by their solicitors not to complete, but they are just being over cautious. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.</p> <p>Regards, Steve www.javeacasas.co.uk</p>

Posted on Tuesday 8th August at 15:42:00

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