All Going Well

We have owned our apartment since 1st August, 2006. Our tenant has had no problems with any of the services provided by the developers.

Posted by: Steve Nott on Friday 22nd September 2006



Lisa said:

<p>I am just signing for my apartment &amp; will be moving in as a permanent resident in the next couple of weeks, I will be approaching the administrator about having a large sky dish installed somewhere to receive english TV, if anyone else is interested in sharing the use of the dish (&amp; the cost) please let me know as it could be of use to the whole complex</p>

Posted on Thursday 5th October at 15:47:00

Geoff said:

<p>Has anyone any more information on the certificate of habitation? Our solicitor visited the Town Hall few weeks ago &amp; was told theres been no movement, the developer appears to be just ignoring the problem. Its not just an admin delay on the part of the Town Hall, there seems to be an impasse with The TH wanting presumably an amended application ( &amp; payment) &amp; the developer saying he should&#8217;t have to. If this continues the CoH will not be issued &amp; the current situation could continue. What onus is on the developer to get this sorted out, I know there is a legal obligation within a certain timescale but its all rather uncertain. The more who complete will mean less pressure on the developer. The residents would presumably have to get the CoH at end of the day if the developer didn&#8217;t or spend costs in trying to get compliance. Our solicitor is advising not to complete. We wouldn&#8217;t be permanent residents so we are also concerned that we would end up paying much more than our fair share of the elect costs etc . Its a real disappointment its not been sorted out ( yet , hopefully)!</p>

Posted on Saturday 7th October at 15:47:00

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