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Saturday 26th November 2011

Mediterranean diet

Statistics have recently been published declaring that the UK has the highest level of overweight women in Europe, approximately one quarter are classed as “obese”. Men are not too far behind the fairer sex. Why? Maybe their lifestyle is the big issue, for example taking the children to school and back, the infamous “school run”. When I was a lad, I walked 3 miles to school and 3 miles back, in all weathers. Today parents will say that it´s not safe for their children to walk to school, how sad. But I digress. Eating habits have also changed and it is a big concern that these habits will be passed on down through the next generations.

In south-east Spain we have the wonderful “Mediterranean” diet, a great balance of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and good quality meats. I must admit, the Spanish can be seen having ‘almuerzos’ at 11.00 am, with wine and brandies, then proceed to climb up trees or buildings to continue their daily jobs. Take a note of what they are eating though, olives, artichokes, small fish and green peppers, home made stews. Not a full “English” breakfast! Combined with the fact that the locals may also sleep for a short while in the afternoons (the Spanish “siesta”), which allows the body to rest and relax, taking away the stress and strains of modern living, very different to the lifestyles of many people who live in the UK.

So, a good diet, rest periods, less stress, outdoor living (with lots of sunshine!) and short periods of exercise, seems to be the answer.
Best still, why not move to Javea! We have one of the healthiest climates in the world, the best food and the best property prices during the last 10 years. Relocating to Spain may be a great option to secure future health and happiness for you and your family. You know it makes sense!

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Steve Nott,

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