Cedula de habitabilidad

Sadly, no news on the town hall issuing the cedula to the developer or owners of Xabiamar complex. We could wait months or even years. I have spoken with a Spanish lady who has lived in an apartment in Teulada for seven years without a cedula. Do you want to wait that long, before you enjoy your property??? I haven’t and I believe the following phrase should help you to decide… ‘But time waits for no man….’

Posted by: Steve Nott on Sunday 8th October 2006



Tim Hardy said:

<p>It would appear to me it is very much in <span class="caps">CAM</span> Banks interests to grant the mortgages &#8211; they are merely spreading their risk over a number of owners as opposed to one developer.</p> <p>As you say, the cedular could take some time. Where does that leave an investor who wants to sell on? How easy is it to sell on a property without a sedular? I would imagine a potential buyer would buy elsewhere, choosing an alternative property with a cedular.</p> <p>This being the case, I can see no advantage in completing unless the buyer wants the appartment for their own use and are prepared to run the risk of the cedular taking years. For those of us who bought to resell, there is no point in taking a mortgage on a property you cannot sell. I will wait.</p>

Posted on Sunday 8th October at 15:50:00

Colin Douch said:

<p>I understand that the developer (Mr Sendra) ia/was due to meet with someone from the Town Hall early in October. Re <span class="caps">CAM</span> bank I agree with Tim&#8217;s comments above. Also, the apartment would be security for the mortgage, and this is worth much more.</p>

Posted on Monday 9th October at 15:51:00

Colin Douch said:

<p>Re. the lady who has lived in an apartment for 7 years without a C of H, maybe it is because she moved in without one is why she has waited so long i.e. there being no financial pressure on the developer. If we all signed up maybe we would have the same experience.</p>

Posted on Monday 9th October at 15:51:00

Stephen Nott said:

<p>Hi Colin, The lady living in Teulada has waited 7 years because the town halls are in chaotic turmoil, too much development and not enough staff. The garage gates dont need two sets. We have one from the street level. Why do we need another? The community, bills and other business will be sorted when there are enough residents, owners. Regards, Steve</p>

Posted on Monday 9th October at 15:51:00

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