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Another day in paradise. A visit to some friends house at the weekend, they were clients, but have now become good friends. We were celebrating two birthdays and a bbq and a jamming session was the order of the day.

Warm, sunny weather greeted us on the 3rd December in Javea. We started eating some great garlic chicken wings, pork fillets and a home made paella, accompanied by sweet sauce and salad to add that special extra. All prepared and cooked by our hosts.

The lads have all played guitar, on and off over the years, so we decided to have a bash altogether.

Ant warmed up the crowd with some great solo’s playing Bowie, Paul Weller and some Oasis. Ant is excellent on vocals and guitar, Steve on lead a bit rusty and Ian on bass, had to struggle with the keys we were playing in. He managed very well, considering it was his first time that he had played any of the songs before.

The girls wore wigs and danced and sang chorus, guest singer was Diane and a ballet dancing queen entered the room and performed the Dance of the Butterflies. .

Gerry really going for it!

Great food, fun and great company!

Posted by: Steve Nott on Monday 4th December 2006



Diane Newton said:

<p>Like the party dress Steve, but next time please empty your colostomy bag <span class="caps">BEFORE</span> the performance.</p>

Posted on Tuesday 5th December at 16:53:00

Sally said:

<p>Great time had by all! Word of advice &#8211; sack the hair stylist! Bubbles &#8211; Hurry up you have a colonic at 3!</p>

Posted on Tuesday 5th December at 16:53:00

Ian said:

<p>Steve &#8211; I think pink satin suits you &#8211; glad to see you&#8217;ve lost weight at last.</p>

Posted on Wednesday 6th December at 16:54:00

Glyn & Netta said:

<p>Happy Birthday Ian &#8211; Suggest you don&#8217;t give up the day job just yet!!! p.s. your hair looks great longer!!</p>

Posted on Friday 8th December at 16:54:00

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