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My name is ORESTE LAGLIA and with my wife and my daughter are owning this restaurant in Rome since 1978.

Since that year we are proudly serving our customers in our familial atmosphere. Many people returned back to visit us after they enjoyed our courses, so we decided to let you know their satisfaction. We are all culinarly graduated and our goal is to prepare for you the authentical dishes of the TRADITIONAL ROMAN CUISINE like BUCATINI ALL’ AMATRICIANA .

Rome remains one of the world’s great capitals for dining with even more diversity today than ever. And the great thing about the restaurants in Rome is that you do not have to spend a fortune to eat really well. My restaurant in Rome offers a comfortable home like setting where guests are welcomed like family and receive warm, friendly service.

We use extravergin olive oil and aromatic vinegar. In fact roman cuisine features a diverse range of fresh and colorful foods which are combined in simple ways to preserve the identity of the ingredients. This food is then traditionally enjoyed in a communal setting with family and friends, a little wine, and lots of laughter.

Typical roman dishes that deserve to be mentioned here: from Gnocchi alla Romana (dumplings made of semolina flour boiled in milk), to Puntarelle (curly tips of Catalogna Chicory dressed with garlic, vinegar, and anchovy sauce); from Filetti di Baccalà (salt cold fillet dip in butter and fried; the Pomodori Ripieni (large tomatoes stuffed with rice) and the Abbacchio alla Cacciatora (suckling lamb in the hunter’s style, pan roasted with garlic, rosemary, and vinegar), are tasty as well !!

Roman cooks have created a culinary universe of first quality around the " fifth quarter" (cows quarter): the tripe.

In the tradition of Italian’s trattorias, the sight, sounds and aromas of the authentic italian cuisine, are recreated fresh every day at the Rome restaurant Il Secchio.

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