Javea Weather and Climate

Javea Weather

The World Health Organization has recognized Javea / Xabia for having one of the best climates in the world. Summers are not too hot and winters are not too cold and the same could be said for all seasons. Not only is the climate usually sunny and mild, the low humidity for most of the year ensures that even the hottest days with the welcoming sea breezes are very pleasant for beachcombers and sightseers. People suffering from asthma and allergies will also find some relief in this healthy, near-perfect climate.

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Javea’s Climate

Javea Climate

Javea Yearly Climate

Although many areas of Spain fall prey to an unrelenting summer sun, Javea / Xabia is world famous for it´s year-round mild climate. The World Health Organization recognizes the town as having some of the best weather in the world and this is one of many reasons for expatriates flocking to Javea / Xabia each year. Whether one is permanently relocating to Javea or just visiting for a holiday, the weather should be kind to most of your planned activities.

Positioned between hills and mountains, Javea is an area of the Spanish coast which is well protected from harsh weather. As a result of the southern coast’s many salt lakes, the humidity in Javea is quite low when compared to the rest of Spain and Europe. This means that even on the hottest summer days, the heat is a dry one and much more tolerable when you are outside in the daytime. Summers are not too hot in Javea and winters are not too cold.

There are more days of sunshine recorded in Javea than in any other place in Spain. This lends itself nicely to tourism. Beaches in Javea have received numerous Blue Flag awards, making them legendary all around the world. Those suffering from asthma and allergies and even arthritis and rheumatism will also find the local weather to be a healthy advantage. This is one of the reasons The World Health Organization gives the area such high marks. Local agriculture also enjoys the mild and reliable weather. Some of the biggest crops in Javea include orange and olive trees, making the local and inland countryside a most beautiful and green sight.

It isn’t enough to say that Javea has a great climate. One should experience the area in person to fully grasp the atmosphere. Many people find therapeutic refuge in Javea, Spain. Depression in this seaside town is much lower than in any other typical European or American tourist hot-spots. This can easily be attributed to the fine weather and hospitable nature of the local citizens. After one visit many people who visit Javea feel they must return again and again, as it is truly a special place.