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Your vehicle or boat restored to its original gleaming condition by professionals, using the latest technology vans and the best bio-degradable products. A complete mobile service to your home, work, golf course, or marina, in fact wherever you are. Covering from Benidorm to Gandia. Own water & electric supplied, no waterless chemical products used. Have your car valeted the good old traditional way.

A new concept has arrived here – a self- watering poles and brushes system. Water taken direct to your home or office. This can clean difficult to reach windows in awkward places. Available Denia to Calpe areas.

Install Central Heating or a Heating Unit to keep warm.

Full central Heating – boiler & radiators- installed at a low cost.

Heating /Air Conditioning Units -guaranteed for 2 years -installed from only 450 Euros!


Murcia to Valencia

Competitive prices, guarantees, and top quality service.

Our experienced engineers can install satellite dishes ( size depending on the area) and a Sky digibox to give you BBC, ITV, Ch.4 and Ch.5 etc.

‘Pay for view’ card available without UK address.

New 85 cm motorised dish now available with 12 movie channels, Premiership Football, BBC Prime etc with an official viewing card, installed and guaranteed.


Internet access by satellite, including computer voice telephone, installed and guaranteed.


Special offer to install a Pool Cover within approx a week.

Take care of the problem of leaves in the pool this Autumn.

Swim in your pool for much more of the year. New solarweave heat retention covers made to measure.

Reduces chemical demand, high quality product, retains heat, keeps your pool cleaner, tailor made to fit any sized pool, quality roller system with stainless steel stand.


Need any sewing or alterations? A new Autumn season -time to take a look in your wardrobe and round your home.

Our wonderful seamstress can make anything you request, clothes (and copies) wedding outfits, curtains, cushions, soft furnishings etc at a very reasonable cost.

She can also alter or repair items for you.


Available for clients/ businesses. Working from her home she will sort out all your email, website admin, processing, typing, contracts and other related services. A very experienced lady who has worked in Canada, California,and Spain. Work can be taken on from just an hour a week to every day, as and when you require.


Professional ‘Geek’ for hire to help you. Computer problems solved.


News from our experienced plumbing & heating engineers-

Do you have problems with your pool?

Let us visit you for a ‘no obligation quote’ – sensible costs and great service.

Boilers Serviced ,Taps Descaled, Water Filters fitted.

Are you waiting too long for hot water to reach your taps?

Do you have plumbing or heating problems?

Ask for our expert advice and save money.

Email: todasfiestas@gmail.com or Call Spain (0034) 96 649-3370


TREES -Lopped or Felled by experts. GARDENS improved

Hedge trimming, lawns cut, trees planted, general garden maintenance and landscaping.

We are a group of female professional organisers with many years of experience of both living and working in Spain. Small work or large projects undertaken – even if you are not in Spain.

We are based in the Costa Blanca and cover a wide area.

Javea Organisers


SPAIN 2006

General Information on Spanish laws and rules.

Marriage is legal for persons over 18. Same sex Civil marriages are legal since June 2005.

Email: todasfiestas@gmail.com or Call Spain (0034) 96 649-3370


Civil Weddings :-

It always used to be that both persons getting married had to be resident here for at least 2 years. Now there are some Town Halls who will marry couples that apply with the correct paper work, even if they do not live in Spain all the time, or have lived here for less time. Others state that only one of the couple must reside here. There are many different rules and by-laws in various areas and these are changing regularly.

For this reason we always have to obtain the most recent information before we can advise clients on what procedure, venue, and paperwork is required or allowed. Some areas allow the ceremony 7 days a week, others state only certain days. Some towns allow only the Registry Office use, whilst a few will agree to civil marriages in private premises such as a Hotel.

A Civil wedding is normally a marriage solemnized by the Judge in charge, by the town Mayor or the officer duly authorised, or by the diplomatic officer of the Civil Registry abroad. Two witnesses are required.

Religious Weddings:-

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish marriages may be held in Spain.

Religious marriages are legal under Spanish Law, however for it to be accepted in the UK, the marriage must be registered with the local Civil Authorities here.

Catholic weddings:-

Allowed only if you are a practising Catholic. A pre-wedding Course is required in your own Country or in Spain. If one of the couple is not a Catholic or is divorced, then special dispensation is required from the Bishopric.

Same sex marriages:-

’Gay & Lesbian ’ Civil weddings are legal. However, the application of the new law varies from town to town. Some Councils are reluctant to comply, so it is important that we obtain the most recent information regarding the current situation when clients contact us with a Town in mind for their marriage.

In the Costa Blanca area, Valencia, Denia and Benidorm have already held same sex weddings, and other places are expected to follow suit before too long.

None of the Churches in Spain, as yet, will agree to same sex weddings, therefore they will be at Civil Registry Offices only.

Email: todasfiestas@gmail.com or Call Spain (0034) 96 649-3370


Paper work can be very slow, tedious and confusing! Although many articles and websites state up to 6 weeks- we know from experience it can take as many months. Bear in mind that some of Town Halls here close for the whole of August.

You can organise the paperwork yourselves, applying to the British Consulate in Alicante. Be persistent and patient!


We now offer a very reasonable cost package from our International / Spanish Lawyer to complete all the paper work for you. This ensures less work and worry about whether or not all will be completed by your selected date. The process can be completed in much less time than if you do it yourself- starting about 4 months prior to the date you require for civil weddings, and approx 6 months for a Catholic wedding.

Hotel, Restaurant, Beach & Villa Weddings:-

In some areas weddings and blessings on a beach, and weddings in Hotels, Restaurants & Villas are not approved as yet. However, some councils are now changing their ideas and rules- so at the time of your enquiry, the up to date information is checked in the area in which you request to be married. Certain Towns now state that you can have a Civil Marriage in private premises.


An alternative to being married legally in Spain is for the couple to have a quick wedding back in their own Country, or a visit to Gibraltar ( which is British), then have a full blessing ceremony and reception here.

Gibraltar- Civil Status & Registration Office, Marriage Registry, 277 Main Street, Gibraltar. Tel: 00 350 72289/78303 (9767 72289/78303 from Spain)

Religious Blessings in Churches-

Catholic Blessings are not normally allowed as in any Country.

The Church of England here states that for a blessing ceremony one of the couple should reside in Spain, or one of the couple’s parents must live here in the area of the church required. Other types of churches vary on their stance and have to be consulted at the time.

Blessings in Villas, Hotels, and other venues:-

Not a problem, no regulations- a local Minister or other suitable person may conduct the ceremony.

Couples must provide a photocopy of their marriage certificate on first meeting with the Minister.

Non religious blessings or unions may be held also.


Whether you want to get married legally here in Spain, or would like a blessing and renewal of vows- we will assist you. If you want your paperwork completed for you as the easy option then, as stated, we have an excellent lawyer.

Every bride needs a Fairy Godmother but with us you have more than one!

Why spend the happiest time of your life worrying about paperwork, catering, accommodation and other arrangements?

If you need to create a beautiful and memorable wedding or blessing day, let us handle all of your details.

We are specialists in making magic happen… no matter what your dreams or budget may be. From a simple ceremony for a couple and two witnesses, to a 5* extravaganza -you can be sure we will do our utmost to accomplish all your requests.

Don’t spend another minute on the phone with florist, or caterers.

We can arrange the total event for you, or some parts of it, at a very reasonable cost.

Email: todasfiestas@gmail.com or Call Spain (0034) 96 649-3370


We offer a wide range of Services for new and existing businesses.

We can search for your ideal business, or find suitable premises. We can find out how your competitors win or fail, where to advertise, and obtain contacts in your local area.

Want to improve your sales and image? Find out customers’ needs, complaints, and satisfactions? We can devise & supply questionnaires.

Market Research / Questionnaires

Sales Image Analysis

Competitor Surveys

Customer Questionnaires delivered to premises e.g. Restaurants, Holiday Property


Prize Draws and Competitions



Trade Events

Seminars or Meetings at Hotels or other venues

We can Supply an excellent International Lawyer

Translators in many languages to assist with sales etc

Business launch or Celebrations- catering, drinks etc.

Email: info@Javea-Organisers.com Tel: (0034) 96 649-3370