Javea, Cabo San Antonio

The beach and its Tosca stone is now preserved, no one is allowed to cut and take it away. In fact the stone is now brought in from across the sea in Majorca. It is a much lighter coloured stone and just as soft to carve into arches. This photo was taken at 15.00h on Wednesday, 14th February, it was cloudy and the wind had a slight chill.

Cabo San Antonio

These next images of Javea Cabo San Antonio were taken in 15 minute intervals and they show how quickly the climate and scenery can change, clouds were blown out towards the Balearic Islands. The sun’s rays and the warmer land breezes, changed the temperature and the outlook of one of Javea’s beautiful landmarks. That’s the great thing about working and living in such a special place. How lucky we all are to live here, then again you make your own luck….