Food and Drink

Local Food and Wine

Mild weather and clean beaches aren’t the only main attractions in Javea, Spain. The local food and wine rank high on the list, as well. There are many fine restaurants located in the area, particularly along the coastline where tourists often flock. Agriculture in Javea is a profitable industry, with fields of olive and orange trees peppering the countryside. Other foods that are grown locally include almonds, figs and grape raisins. Also, the sea is a big provider to Javea’s gastronomical fame. The Mediterranean contributes the main ingredients of Javea’s typical dishes. The succulent cruet de peix, the suc roig and the fish platter are all prepared with fresh fish. Salt also continues to be used to prepare fish such as anchovies, tuna and the tasty borreta de melva. The traditional elaboration of les coques is also still maintained, with pepper, tomato, onion, and raisins, or with oil and salt. Outstanding dishes in the sweet department include pumpkin bunuelos, the pastissets d ametla made with almond, and the tortada. A typical home in Javea will also feature traditional Mediterranean dishes. One should try to gain an invitation to a home-cooked meal in the town in addition to enjoying the fine restaurants. Another tradition amongst the Spanish is the enjoyment of fine wines with dinner. Local vineyards are abundant in the countryside, lending to the production of some truly unique wine. An old world method of wine making, combined with the modern amenities of the 21st century, means that a local Javea wine should be something memorable. For a guide to local restaurants and vineyards in Javea, consult one of the many tourist offices in the area.