Denia is a beautiful coastal town that is located along the world-famous Costa Blanca in eastern Spain. This area is widely regarded as a resort fit for the whole family. Tourists flock to the area, though not overwhelmingly so, keeping the area quaint enough for permanent residence. This quiet town is known for its raisin-growing industry, which is one of many fun characteristics of Denia.

Available property in Denia ranges from plots of land to luxurious villas. Over the past decade, Denia has experienced a large real estate boom, along with the rest of the Costa Blanca. However, even though there is a huge demand for local apartments and villas, the town still enjoys a hospitable and quaint environment.

Denia is located halfway between the cities of Alicante and Valencia. In the middle of the town stands the remains of a fortress from Roman times, which looks out over the rest of Denia. This adds to the old-world charm of the area and exemplifies how the community mixes tradition with 21st century comfort.

There is a large selection of Denia property that can suit any lifestyle or budget. Terraced apartments, quaint cottages and luxurious villas surround the community. There, you can find beachfront property along the Denia coastline or more secluded housing that is tucked away in the countryside. No matter where you choose to stay in Denia, you will be within walking or a short driving distance of all the local attractions.

Historians and admirers of architecture will be very impressed by Denia’s landmarks. The castle that stands in the middle of town is actually open to tourists and now houses an archaeology museum. The town’s rich culture is evident throughout the community, from beautiful churches to sculptures in various plazas. Ancient, cobblestone roads also remain and add to the old-world ambience.

Like all Costa Blanca communities, Denia offers many outdoor recreational activities. Water sports, tennis, golf and hiking are just a few things to enjoy. Since the weather is mild year round, there is never really an off-season for enjoying the outdoors. Many people enjoy vacationing in Denia, and then decide to invest in Denia property when they discover how pleasurable life is in the community.

Should you ever wish to leave the town limits of Denia, other popular communities are easily accessible by major roads, ferries and a train. Calpe and Alicante, for example, are popular places to visit for a day trip. There are so many beautiful towns along the Costa Blanca, those who invest in Denia property will never grow tired of exploring the area.

Those who are used to living in North America or metropolitan areas of Europe will be surprised at how affordable it is to purchase property in Denia. Even the most lavish villas are inexpensive when compared to similar housing in other parts of the world. This is why many people have fallen in love with the town. Not only is it as beautiful as any beach resort in the world, you don’t have to be rich to invest in Denia