Calpe is a charming town on the Costa Blanca that offers some very desirable property for sale. Boasting a small population, this amazing seaside area can serve as a secret hideaway for your vacation or retirement home. Located approximately 67 kilometers from the city of Alicante, this town is steeped in history and still maintains an old-world atmosphere today.

Investors find many reasons to buy property in Calpe, Spain. Although it is an ancient fishing village with all the hospitality of a small town, it also offers modern amenities and the creature comforts of 21st century living. Tourists love the town for its natural beauty, fine dining, architecture and welcoming citizens.

Although Calpe property is very popular with tourists and investors, the town has managed to prevent a huge population increase. For that reason, the town enjoys an upscale retreat appearance without all the crime and overcrowding. Both apartments and villas are popular property choices amongst buyers.

Like any seaside community, Calpe property along the beaches are typically a bit more expensive than homes that are further inland. However, there are many homes to choose from that will meet both your high standards of living and your budget. Homes that are facing the sea offer some of the best views in all of Spain. The weather is ideal in this town, as well, putting the homes’ many terraces to good use.

Although Calpe is historically a fishing community, it is now inhabited by people of all professions and has grown particularly popular for artists. Perhaps this is due to the awe-inspiring scenery and impressive architecture. One of the most popular attractions in Calpe is the iconic rock of Ifach, which separates two of Calpe’s major beaches.

You will find vintage and modern housing throughout the town of Calpe, both of which boast impressive architecture. A typical Calpe villa is designed in a traditional Spanish style and many of them offer an inground pool, wide terrace and remarkable views of the area. No matter where you live in Calpe, however, you will find the community to be both scenic and peaceful.

Both apartments and detached villas are designed with comfort and luxury in mind. While housing typically becomes less expensive further inland, it does not lack in opulence. Plots of land are also highly sought in the area, as investors and residents are keen on building new homes in Calpe. No matter where you live in Calpe, however, you will be within walking or a short driving distance of the town’s sprawling beaches, fine dining and charming shops. The town is also easily accessed by major highways, which connect Calpe to other popular towns along the Costa